Scratch Auth homepage

Scratch OAuth made easy

Scratch Auth comes with a simple API, is fully customizable, and looks fantastic!

Developer friendly API

With only 3 API endpoints, Scratch Auth is a breeze to integrate into your Scratch app! What's more, everything is fully documented and explained on the Documentation page.

Fully customizable

Scratch Auth allows you to build your own, completely custom login pages with its API. Nevertheless, there's a default, beautifully-crafted login page to give you a head start!

Authenticate with cloud data, or by comments

Your users can log in with both cloud data and by commenting. Therefore, Scratch Auth can be used by New Scratchers as well, who don't have access to cloud data yet.

One-click login

Your users may choose to stay logged in to multiple Scratch accounts, and sign in with one click to your services. That's a win-win situation!